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Laying wreaths
A discussion at the Memorial of Silence on the subject of remembering

19. 11. 2023
Činoherní klub

A little bit of looking back, a little bit of reflecting on the value of public dialogue today when it comes to “the culture of memory.”

The most recent discussion in our series on “how to remember,” which the Memorial of Silence organized this fall, featured several individuals who were on hand for the founding of the Civic Forum or who were involved in the events of November 1989. On the anniversary of those events, they gathered at our place of memory to reflect on questions of how to work with memories of important moments in our recent history in order to ensure that these events will continue to resonate and not become a merely tolerated tradition.


The discussion was held on the anniversary of the founding of the Civic Forum. The invited speakers were asked an important question:
What would you absolutely not want to see when it comes to commemorating the events of November 1989?

You can watch the discussion online at Czech Television’s iVysílání.

The event’s main media partner was Czech Television.