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The exhibition The New World Order came to a close on 28. 8. 2022

17. 5. – 28. 8. 2022
Ovocný trh 560/5, Prague 1

The exhibition was extended twice, was visited by nearly 10,000 people, and its accompanying educational program was attended by a promising number of schools.
We are glad that we could contribute to the various exhibition projects commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich with a different and – judging by visitors’ responses – new kind of project.
Prague, the Nazis’ city of race science where the new colonization of Europe’s southeast was planned, became a warning about the parallels of wars and their backgrounds.

Although the exhibition’s outline was drafted long before Russia invaded Ukraine with tanks, planes, and many theories about why Ukrainians have no right to their own borders, the parallels with the ideologies of war and propaganda that lead to excuses for killing civilians are quite clear on their own.

Many visitors have asked where the exhibition will be shown after it ends its run on the academic soil of the Carolinum, and why it isn’t installed somewhere permanently…
A part of it will be included in the permanent exhibition of the Memorial of Silence after Bubny train station is renovated and begins to serve as a public place of memory.
However, should there be interest in The New World Order at home or abroad, we will gladly adapt the exhibition to any new venue, including its multimedia accompaniment. Nevertheless, it is not the kind of exhibition project that can be easily transferred merely by hanging its panels on a universal display system.

We would like to once again thank our main partners, Charles University, Czech Television, and the entire organizing team.

You can also look forward to the film that is being made about the exhibition and that will continue to share the legacy of and warning about one of the most terrible abuses of science and learning in our lands, which took on truly global proportions.