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Dark February

23. 2. 2023
Mayor’s Residence

The Memorial of Silence’s second opinion forum was held at the mayor’s residence, where important personalities presented brief (no more than seven-minute) reflections with timeless meaning.

Today’s disinformation war is a distinctive part of the public space, social networks, and domestic and international media.

In this year’s public discussions, the Memorial of Silence is exploring the question of stereotypes.


We look at the phenomenon of stereotyping as one kind of deeply ingrained and unexamined pattern of thinking. Stereotypes work with our memory and with the legacy of simple categories – not just accepted but also rejected categories.

Stereotypes are a catalyst for mass manipulation.

The following speakers accepted our invitation: Petr Pithart, Tomáš Halík, Alice Koubová, Michael Romancov, Petr Fischer, Ivana Svobodová, Jan Urban, and Ladislav Snopko.

Moderators: Renata Kalenská and Jan Bumba.

The recording of the second Opinion Forum can be watched on iBroadcast CT.

The event was held under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Prague.