Directions and current safety regulations for your visit

Directions and current safety regulations for your visit

Visitor guidelines

Memorial of Silence, Prague 7 – Bubny
General provisions

Památník ticha, Praha 7 – Bubny
Obecná ustanovení

1. These Visitor Guidelines apply to visitors who enter the premises of the Memorial of Silence in Prague 7 – Bubny (“Memorial of Silence”) and the museum located in the train station building in Prague 7 – Bubny.

2. Visitors to the Memorial of Silence are obligated to respect all general and internal regulations aimed at protecting the safety and health of all persons on the premises of the Memorial of Silence. Adherence to these regulations minimizes the risk of injury and of damage to museum property.

3. Due to construction work currently ongoing in the vicinity of the museum, visitors are allowed to move only within spaces intended for their use. Visitors shall refrain from entering the construction area clearly marked by fences and by the pictogram shown below, which states (in Czech) “Construction. Unauthorized entry forbidden!!!”“

4. The Memorial of Silence reserves the right to refuse entry to or ask to leave any person who violates these Visitor Guidelines, who refuses to obey instructions issued by museum employees or security personnel, or whose behavior violates Czech law.

5. It is forbidden to smoke on the museum premises (except in designated areas), to enter the premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to bring onto or use on the premises alcohol or other addictive substances.

6. No open flame is allowed on the premises; this also applies to non-designated areas.

7. In case of fire, the alarm is sounded by calling the emergency number 150 or 112 and by calling out “Hoří” (or “Fire!”). If evacuation of the premises becomes necessary, visitors must end their visit, follow the pictograms guiding them to escape routes, and observe the instructions issued by persons authorized to direct the emergency evacuation.

8. Any visitor who becomes aware of, suffers, or causes an injury, safety hazard, or other risk to human health, property, or the environment shall report any such circumstance to a museum employee or by calling the hotline of the Integrated Emergency System at 112. All emergency services can communicate in English.

For fire, call 150.
For medical emergencies, call 155.
For police, call 158.
For general emergencies (first-instance SOS), call 112.

9. It is strictly forbidden to bring any objects or substances onto the museum premises that might threaten the lives or health of visitors or staff (e.g., firearms, ammunition, fireworks, banned chemical substances).

Current access roads

From the tram station Veletržní

From the tram and metro station Vltavská