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Light for a Place of Memory
6. 12. 2023

Traditional lighting of the first Hanukkah candle at the Memorial of Silence

This year’s festival of lights in front of Bubny Station was held in the spirit of support for Israel in this difficult time. Thanks go to Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic Karol Efraim Sidon for his speech and for lighting the candle.

We would also like to thank our supporters who came to the rail construction site during this cold weather, among them František Bányai, chairman of Prague’s Jewish Community, who five years ago helped to initiate this tradition at Prague’s place of memory associated with the deportation of the city’s Jewish citizenry.

We also took a moment in this advent and Hanukkah season to light a candle in memory of Karl Schwarzenberg, the esteemed member of our Honorary Board who will be laid to rest in his family’s tomb during this year’s festival of lights.