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Opening of the exhibition Gates of Memory
9. 10. 2023

This year, the area surrounding Bubny Station was transformed from Prague’s largest brownfield into its largest construction site. With this, the space for our interventions into what we lovingly called the trash heap of history has come to an end. Although there is hope for the station building’s new role as a place of memory, we remain careful in saying that “we start renovating this year.” We’ve promised that more than once already.

The new exhibition inside the station building looks back at our activities and invites discussion on how the language used by the Memorial of Silence in its public communication was born. It also offers a future vision of the distinctive genre of “the culture of memory,” which still lacks a proper definition and a suitable foundation for its further growth.

The Memorial of Silence’s organizing team offers partner organizations and schools a venue for open discussion about how to commemorate important dates and grand stories of the twentieth century and how to work with them so that we may have a better understanding of the events we are witnessing today.