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Photography series: The Awakening of Memory

Pavel Dias, Lukáš Bártl, Jan Havel,
Pavel Štingl, 2023

Price: CZK 585

Renowned Czech photographer Pavel Dias (9 December 1938 – 19 April 2021) created a unique study of the awakening of memories that people kept stored in the deepest and darkest recesses of their minds.

Dias spent more than thirty years photographing people returning to the places they survived in order to remember those assigned a different destiny in the book of fate. Afterwards, his photographs spent another thirty years traveling the world in two padded suitcases.

We now present a selection of his photographs in The Awakening of Memory, published as part of our Photography Series.

The Memorial of Silence and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague jointly organized an exhibition at the House at the Black Madonna.


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