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QUO VADIS, Bubny… ?
18. 5. 2022

On Wednesday 18 May, after 6 p.m., Memorial of Silence opened its participation in the Open House Festival with a public discussion on the coordination of public space around the Bubny Railway Station. ARN STUDIO architects have presented the concept for the future public space between the station platform and the future track system for express trains to Kladno. Architect Michal Bartošek discussed the process of completing the Metropolitan Plan and its perspectives for changing both the quality of life in the city and how the city is perceived.

‘This memorial and its overall intention evokes in me the memories of Prague at the end of the 1930s, its significant times when it was a cosmopolitan cultural city, spoke different languages, and had world-class architecture.’
Ing. Arch. Michal Bartošek, Development of City Quarters Office – IPR Prague

‘It is encouraging to take an active part in the transformation of the largest brownfield in Prague that brought shame on the city over the past decades. But now, it has started moving before one’s eyes. It is a great effort of the implementation team to schedule all the plans to ensure that the building takes place in the same period of time. If all goes well, this portion of the tracks, including the revitalisation of the old station, will open to the public in 2024. Through its dialogue with the city planning authorities, the Memorial of Silence imparts on the renovated sites the stories and contents related to the cultural identity of Prague.’
Pavel Štingl, Director of the Bubny Memorial of Silence

We have lived to the time when the largest inner city brownfield in Europe embarks on the path of change. We are part of it.

In connection with the announcement of the winning project for the new building of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Lenka Burgerová, Councillor for Territorial Development of Prague 7, spoke about the current status of the adoption of the new Bubny-Zátory zoning study and the future communication lines that will connect Memorial of Silence with the waterfront. The finalizing of the public competition for the Vltava Philharmonic Hall is a great cultural improvement on the nearby surroundings of the Bubny railway station. It gives a new perspective to the cultural growth of the Vltava Meander and to the place of memory of Memorial of Silence.

More information about the competition for the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra building, including photos, can be found HERE.