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The Absolute at Large
A performance by the Přírodní Škola secondary school
21. 2. 2024

The Přírodní Škola secondary school gave a well-attended theater performance in the train station hall.

Author: Karel Čapek
Script: Johan Březka
Directed by: František Prokop, Johan Březka

One spring day, at four in the afternoon, I finished writing RUR; with relief I put down my pen and went out for a walk. At first I felt a pleasant sense of release at having got a chore over with; but this sense then developed into one of emptiness and I gradually became aware that I was unbearably bored. I told myself that the day had been spoiled, so it would be best if I went home and wrote an article for the paper.
Karel Čapek, October 1926

This is how Karel Čapek describes the genesis of The Absolute at Large, the first of his anti-utopian novels. The themes he explored in his writing – the dangers of technological advances, war, blind lust for power, or religious fundamentalism – remain surprisingly topical today. In fact, it is this relevance that inspired us this dramatization.
Johan Březka, Přírodní Škola