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Who’s the Patriot
Bubny Station Broadcasts
24. 10. 2023

The final edition of Bubny Station Broadcasts in 2023 looked at the timeless question of patriotism…

…but also at pride for or passivity towards one’s own legacy and people’s determination to act or not to act out of a sense of pride towards their country. The subject of pride in a country or in the place where we live varies quite a bit between our country and neighboring countries and also has a different intensity.

A pleasant feature of the debate was the interaction between the invited panel and the audience, which was excellently promoted by host Michael Rozsypal. While the guest speakers polemicized more on the question of how to understand the rational and emotional sides of patriotism, the students in the audience had various metaphors readily available. There was agreement on the natural and by now well-established link between “Czech” and “European.”

YouTuber and influencer Karel – Kovy Kovář
director of STEM Martin Buchtík
political scientist Vendula Divišová

More information on the debate may be found HERE.

The discussion was streamed online via Czech Television and the Czech News Agency and can be viewed HERE.

The event’s main media partner was Czech Television.

The project was supported financially by the City of Prague.